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Accountability Workshop

82% of employees are more engaged and 20% are happier when they know how their work impacts their organization’s key results.

Source: Culture Partners Happier at Work Survey

Focus, Fulfillment, Results

The Accountability Workshop equips your team with a fresh perspective on accountability and provides simple, powerful tools to apply it toward achieving desired results. You begin this one-day workshop by clearly defining those results. Next, your team connects their jobs—what they do every day—to those results, to focus their accountability on what’s most important, elevating fulfillment, achievement, and morale along the way.

Reframing Accountability

This workshop has redefined accountability for thousands of organizations and millions of people worldwide. Far from the reactive, blaming version that asks, “Who was accountable for that?” after something goes wrong, this reframing gives your team a positive, empowering definition of accountability to impact the results they’re working toward now.

This includes gaining a simple, sticky understanding of what being accountable looks like that facilitates easier conversations around the topic. They’ll also receive a common language for addressing lapses in accountability so that it isn’t used as a weapon.

Proactive Tools

Your team will explore the 16 Accountability Best Practices and use them to evaluate themselves and your organization, identifying current strengths and opportunities to improve. They’ll practice with a simple tool that makes seeking and offering feedback easier and more effective.

The workshop concludes with the application of a powerful tool for closing performance gaps that guides users in examining the gap, taking ownership for it, developing a solution for closing it, and establishing a practical plan of execution.  There’s always an “A-ha” moment in the room when workshop participants realize that the four-step tool describes the path to accountability they explored earlier in the workshop.


Culture Partners gave us practical and powerful tools our management team embraced early in our company’s formation. Applying these concepts of Accountability will propel us to success in the difficult world of start-ups and will prove vital in realizing our vision to transform an entire industry.”

Todd Pope

President and CEO, TransEnterix

Looking Ahead

Your team will leave the Accountability Workshop empowered to take ownership of results, elevating their sense of fulfillment and purpose. They’ll also build an essential foundation for the Accountability Journey, our strategic, multi-year process that embeds the principles of accountability across your entire organization at all employee levels.

On this journey, you’ll see improvement in workplace issues like employee engagement, talent retention, trust, and morale, which have their roots in accountability. And you’ll see results. Accountability clients have achieved a 200% increase in profit margin in 18 months, a 15% boost in sales, and an 81% decrease in days lost to injury, among hundreds of other key metrics achieved.

Improve Results With Positive Accountability

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