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Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy

A fast-paced, team-based simulation designed to improve business acumen and financial literacy.

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Why Boost Business Acumen?

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Make Better Decisions

Zodiak drives a better understanding of the connection between your financial drivers and strategic objectives—strengthening decision-making all around and boosting your competitive edge.

Organizations in manufacturing, consumer products, telecommunications, energy, and other industries make decisions every day about processes, people, products, finances, and customers. How their leaders, managers, sales teams, and employees address these issues through a lens of business acumen is critical.

The Experience

In the Zodiak simulation, participants manage the financial and strategic determinants of organizational success. An immersive storyline introduces learners to business acumen concepts in a hands-on, visual setting (tailored to multiple learning styles).

As small teams of learners become new owners of the struggling Zodiak company, they take out loans, attract investors, purchase equipment and materials, invest in product development and innovation, and deliver products and services to customers. Over the course of three simulated operating years, they work together to deal with cash flow management, cost of goods, asset utilization, inventory turns, supplier negotiations, customer complaints, pricing, investor concerns, employee issues, and more.

It's Fun... and Challenging

This powerful business simulation designed as a board game ensures that everyone understands the “business” of your business. By seeing the big picture of how business works and how organizations make money, participants begin to connect how their everyday decisions contribute to your organization’s top and bottom lines. They make tough decisions and implement new strategies, gaining understanding of how the numbers of the business work and how their decisions affect financial and business success.


Almost immediately, employees began to see the bigger picture. They were able to go back to their departments and increase other staff member’s financial literacy. This led to new levels of productivity, efficiency, and overall success at Xcel.”

Organizational Development Consultant

Xcel Energy

The Power of Customization

Working with Culture Partners, you’ll tailor the experience to fit your organizational metrics and goals. During the simulation, learners operate the fictitious Zodiak company, with client-specific exercises and discussions integrated at key times. These exercises address your organization’s financial metrics, profit drivers, cash flow, strategic vision, competitive realities, and more.

With this customization, learners can make insightful connections between your organization and their jobs. They can tie their own daily goals, decisions, and actions into your overall financial and strategic goals. Now, the Zodiak simulation acts as a foundational platform for the development of critical information about your organization’s business and where your employees fit into the picture of success.

Real-World Successes

Over two-million participants have become alumni of Zodiak, and the numbers continue to grow. Why? Because it works. The results are real, and your organization can see them too.


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