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Executive Consultation

Spend 30 minutes with our subject-matter expert senior partners to discuss and address your organization’s challenges through specific culture recommendations to change the entire trajectory of your organization.

Why This Is For You

Executives commonly understand the inherent power of culture, but they may struggle with how to operationalize its impact. Worse, they’ve often been burned before by trust falls and programming that doesn’t tie to their specific needs. Not with us.

Through this introductory consultation, you’ll learn what’s needed to successfully change your culture. And thanks to 277 years of collective experience across our senior partners, you’ll receive guidance and insights customized to your goals.

What You Get

Spend 30 minutes with one of our senior partners at no cost to you. They are the best equipped to listen to where your culture is challenged and what results you’re seeking, and then convey how our content and IP can close the gap.

Our senior partner will also highlight examples of work we’ve done in your specific industry to give you a better understanding of real-world results.

About Culture Partners

Culture Partners, formerly Partners in Leadership, was founded in 1989 by the authors of The Oz Principle and Change the Culture, Change the Game. In 34 years, we’ve worked with tens of thousands of executives like you – they knew something had to shift internally, but they didn’t know how to get there strategically and stay aligned on results. We bridge that gap. 

Read how we revitalized Ford Motors IT division.


Culture Partners are the go-to people on culture change with proven, practical ideas for leaders looking to accelerate change, strengthen their teams, and achieve success."

Laurie Ann Goldman

Board Director, Guess? Inc.

Real-World Successes

Culture clients have achieved spectacular results such as 300% increase in sales with only 20% increase in staff, 119% growth in Adjusted EBITDA, and 57% reduction in call center times, among hundreds of other realized key metrics.

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