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35 Years Of Culture-Building History​

Culture Partners, formerly Partners In Leadership, was founded in 1989 by authors of the NY Times best-selling books The Oz Principle and Change the Culture, Change the Game. Since then, 1000’s of organizations and millions of people have been inspired to reach their full potential by unleashing the power of culture and creating greater accountability.

Our Narrative

We understand that the language of senior leaders and C-suiters is shareholder returns, and while many of them understand the importance of culture, they don’t know how to operationalize it to move the needle for their stakeholders.

This is where Culture Partners comes in.

We co-create programs with you to build a culture with greater accountability, sustained behavior changes, and most importantly—long-term financial results.

We’ve been doing this work for decades, and our Senior Partners have close to three centuries of experience in shaping cultures for top organizations  worldwide.

Global Expertise and Delivery

Tap into Culture Partners’ deep expertise in helping global organizations build better cultures for improved results. Working with our industry-expert culture consultants, you’ll determine critical culture shifts needed to drive more successful outcomes.

You’ll also receive guidance on how to implement your culture change process—so you can proceed at a pace that best fits your organization.


Jessica Kriegel

Organizations fully aligned on purpose, strategy, and culture average a +44.5% change in revenue growth over three years.*

The more you align your culture with your purpose and strategy, the more you’ll gain business advantage. Working with Culture Partners, you’ll define the desired culture, tie it to long-term business goals, and scale sustained behavior change and accountability throughout your organization.

Source: Culture Partners and Stanford Research 2023

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