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Culture Equation® Workshop

Organizations where culture is aligned with purpose experience an average +39.3% change in revenue over three years. Compare that to just +6.8% for companies with misalignment.

Source: Culture Partners and Stanford Research 2023

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The Culture Equation

Define and Align

How do you align your culture with your purpose? You define each in the context of the other. The Culture Equation provides this context, while also describing the relationship to your strategy and the results you need to achieve. The Culture Equation Workshop is a lively two-day event where your Executive Team and selected top leaders define these formative components of your organization. By the end of the first day, the group reaches alignment on the answers to these pivotal questions:

Why do we exist?
Where are we going?
What are our long-term priorities?
What measurable results will evaluate our success along the way?

Culture is the Key

Working with our expert culture consultants, you’ll identify the shifts that need to take place in your current culture to achieve a new culture to power your results. Workshop participants negotiate to distill the shifts into a set of three Cultural Beliefs that will define the new culture, aligned with your purpose and strategy, that will produce the results you want. After several rounds of deliberations, revisions, and debate, three concise, inspiring, and memorable beliefs are developed. The next step? Putting the work into action.

Activating Your Culture

It’s natural for people to question change, especially when they don’t see others living the new culture. With little impact on the way leaders lead or people work, the change effort can stall.

The second day of the Culture Equation workshop focuses on promoting your desired outcomes through effective activation and acceleration. Simple, powerful Culture Management Tools provide a practical way to demonstrate the Cultural Beliefs and spotlight others doing so.

A proven model for creating greater accountability empowers your people to take ownership of the new culture. Weekly integration embeds the culture, strategic thinking, and focus on results into business systems and people’s day-to-day work.


Culture Partners are the go-to people on culture change with proven, practical ideas for leaders looking to accelerate change, strengthen their teams, and achieve success.”

Laurie Ann Goldman

Board Director, Guess? Inc.

Looking Ahead

The Culture Equation Workshop closes with a review of your newly defined purpose, strategy, culture, and results and presents a weekly integration plan for activating your culture. This workshop also provides an essential foundation for the Culture Equation Journey, our strategic, multi-year process that embeds your new culture throughout your organization, to sustain results over time.

Real-World Successes

Culture clients have achieved spectacular results such as a 300% increase in sales with only a 20% increase in staff, 119% growth in adjusted EBITDA, and a 57% reduction in call center times, among hundreds of other realized key metrics.

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