Johnson County High School Seniors Deadline is May 1st 2018

You can support our Johnson County High School Seniors by purchasing raffle tickets for a framed Artwork by Mel Gerhold. The Artwork “Custer” will be awarded to the winner of the raffle in the spring of the year.

Raffle Tickets $5.00 each or $20.00 for five tickets.

To Purchase Raffle Tickets

  • Contact a board member
  • Look for raffle ticket sales at one of our JCAHC’s events.
  • Some downtown Buffalo merchants have them for sale.
  • Purchase them online now with PayPal. Once you make your payment, we will fill the tickets out for you.

Buy your Raffle tickets now using Credit Card/Debit. Thanks

Donate to the Scholarship

$20 or Enter Other Amount
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Previous $1000.00 Scholarship Awards

2017      Taylor Burtenshaw    Visual Arts

2016      Jeremiah Tabb             Music

2015      Rebecca Flanders        Music

2014      Abby Gonzalez             Visual Arts

2013      Raga Suliaman             Philosophy

2012      Shawna Wolf                Music Performance

2011       Hailey Woodall          Art Education

2010      Lynnea McIntyre        Music Education

2009     Taylor Ashburn

2008     Nikki Cole

2007     Chelsea Landry            Photo Journalism

2006     Amy Iberlin                   Visual Arts

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